Tell the public what real art is

The entire capitalist project, if given a free rein by society will continue sacking the market until it runs dry. They give a strong justification for this. Like a host-parasite relationship, capitalists cannot destroy the market because by doing so it is imperiling their very existence, they say. This is a straight-face lie.

The academe and the art watchdogs in the country were infuriated by the news of Pagbabalik ng Panday winning the Best Picture award in the Metro Manila Film Festival. Since when did a self-respecting film festival consider box office gross in choosing the highest award in the competition? Beyoncé is not a better musician than Mozart just because she has sold more CDs than the Austrian composer. Or that Titanic is a better film than Citizen Kane just because the James Cameroon-directed film earned a billion kaching.

But how do we explain this to the public? How do we make them understand that the film that entertains them is not art and the boring film they do not give a damn is something the hypocrites on the artistic ivory tower consider high art?


4 thoughts on “Tell the public what real art is”

  1. Ang Pagbabalik ng Panday didn’t claim their film to be an ‘art movie,’ huh, did they? I do not even find it as another artsy-fartsy flick. Ang Panday is a mere entertainment. It all boils down to profiteering, and providing the moviegoers their money’s worth. The movie is not as bad as what most people think it is.

    Know what, John, I think some people have become stereotypical. Wapakman is not a bad movie at all. Topee Lee did pretty well in his cinematography. Had it been not Pacquiao protagonizing Wapakman, I think it would have sold more tickets. In all fairness with Pacquiao, his acting was quite fairish, naman.

    1. i watched pacquiao’s anak ng kumander, his acting is hideous in that film. but you got a point in saying that not because it’s a pacquiao starrer it’s already rubbish. but for most of the time, it is.

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