All is amiss

I’ve been absent from this site for three days so that I could be with my brother at a hospital in Iloilo City.

Sef Daye was rushed there Sunday around seven o’clock evening after he was stabbed using a 6-inch double-edged knife a few centimeters away from his spinal cord. His girlfriend, together with some people who were more interested to watch a man dying than to help, brought him on a pedicab to a nearby government hospital. And to compound matters, he had to lie prone on a bloodied stretcher with the double-edged knife still planted in his skinny back until around four in the morning and was only sent to the operating room to dislodge the stuck knife after waiting for ten hours for his number to be called. In any government hospital, a number written on a piece of paper determines who lives and who dies.

His friends (gang members, actually, and some of their mothers) were with him throughout this ordeal arguing among themselves the best thing to do to my brother. I only learned about his state at around 11 pm when my sister hesitantly informed me that our brother was waiting to be operated at a government hospital beside their university. He decided against informing me and my mother about what happened to him.

I was deeply hurt by his decision.

My mom arrived Monday evening from South Cotabao and has not had any decent sleep since she arrived until later last night when my brother’s status stabilized. Everyone  in our family was emotionally traumatized by what happened to him. I do not think I’d be able to recover from the shock pretty soon.

Life’s so cheap.


10 thoughts on “All is amiss”

  1. your probably right, it’s not enough reason to give up living but sometimes the sadness too deep you’ll almost welcome death just to get rid of it..

  2. i think my story is incomplete, but my bro’s girlfriend has been very concerned. i could never ask for a better girl for my bro….

    when we look at things more closely, we’ll find out that a lot of things happen because they just happen. sad. hopeless.

    but this sadness and hopelessness aren’t strong reasons to give up living.

  3. yea just happens.

    like it just happens that i just went grocery shopping last night then this morning i went grocery shopping again almost buying the same thigs that i brought yesterday.

    good thing that your bro has been stabilized,and what’s with the girlfriend just watching her boyfriend than calling for help.

  4. it’s like questioning why the world continues to rotate on its axis and revolve around the center of the universe. we can only witness an event and be affected by it but never fully understand why it has to happen.

    it just happens.

  5. Damn. 10 hours? Ah… he probably didn’t want you to worry about him (which is of course impossible). I hope everyone from your family recovers soon.

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