Theme test

I’m trying this new wordpress (Monochrome) theme for a week. Please leave a comment below if you want to keep it this way or to have that napping man back.

This one:

or this:

Thanks a lot.


8 thoughts on “Theme test”

  1. nish,

    thanks for passing by this part of the internet.

    although i also think that monochrome looks better in general, i realized, and it took one reader to point it out, that the texts are difficult to read. so i decided to go back to vigilance and make use of some customization features. it looks a bit different now.

    your blog looks very good. and the posts are well-written. i have few readers from india. your country has a fast growing bloggers community, very active and dynamic.

  2. Came over here from the WordPress Monochrome forums. I always like Vigilance, that’s why I use it on my blog.

    For some reason, from the screenshot I saw, I thought Monochrome looked better for you – probably the contrast from the black background and the photo.

    I tried on Monochrome for a while too, but I saw it was cutting my bigger photos and so had to shift back to Vigilance

  3. thanks for that mike. i just what to know how this fare to my regular readers. this is the newest theme in wordpress.

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