On a Wednesday

The English god Woden, after whom ‘Wednesday’ was named.

I often find myself in the city on a Wednesday either spending the entire afternoon at my sister’s place reading or at the gym pumping iron. But not this Wednesday.

I do not have any particular affinity to this day of the week, unlike Friday which I always look forward to, or Sunday which I hate most because it means the next day is the dreaded Monday. Wednesday is a neutral week. It does not signify anything meaningful or extraordinary. Just like today. I woke up a bit late, cleaned the house, did some facebook-ing, replied to emails, and went on reading the book I was reading last night before I slept on it.

I feel well-rested today. No classes, no student consultations, just an entire morning and afternoon spent doing the thing I love most (that is, not doing anything).

And of course catching up on sleep.


2 thoughts on “On a Wednesday”

  1. yeah. i got to. i was only waiting for somebody to say that the previous theme is difficult to the eyes.

    it’s back now, and will be here to stay.

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