Rants before I go:

Living in the humid tropics gives everyone a hard time breathing. And mildews, they’re all over. I already opened all my windows to let air in and replace the stale night air trapped in my room, but it seems that opening them is futile. The air is still reeking with deadly spores from unknown species of fungi yet to be discovered by Science. But the worse part is that they all decided to make my room their giant petri dish.

Marlene Aguilar, notwithstanding her being a good mother to her son, should be incinerated head first with her tentacles-of-Ursula do be fed initially to the makeshift hell (as with the looks of it, the do will take longer to melt than the rest of her body).

I’ve been regularly seeing her on primetime TV newscast, and I beg to be delivered from her. With all understatement, her mouth is unstoppable. She kissed like a seahorse last night, blabbered like a koala, cried like a sea turtle, and neighed like, well, a horse (my apologies go to those members of the animal kingdom mentioned).

Oh, and she sang like a mutant armadillo.

Every time she spews a word, she becomes  a grand spectacle of herself, relishing her much-awaited-but-long-overdue debut with all her diva-esque acts she has kept in her stacks all these times.  She says something pitiful like this, then concocts another equally pathetic story, and then caps her statement with something laughable using that cute accent.

When will they finally gag her using the trimmings from her hideous do?

I’ve seriously considered writing ABS-CBN to ax Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo when I completed watching one episode of a Kris Aquino-starrer teleserye last night. She can’t act, unconvincing, and sounded forced. Another wrong casting decision. No need to write the network, maybe, because it dawned on me that after an episode, I’ve had enough of it, and I will simply shut my eyes whenever it is shown in the carinderia where I have my dinner. Seriously, it is a badly made, badly cast, bad program.

Or can’t ABS-CBN consider moving it to the 4 am slot just before Umagang Kay Ganda?

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to watch a VHS ripped copy of Deep Throat, a 1972 American pornographic film written and directed by Gerard Damiano, starring Linda Lovelace. Why can’t today’s porn producers make something as interesting as this one? Yes, yes, yes, I am well too aware that the nature of a porn does not allow it to experiment with well-established, more developed, and less corporeal storylines. But we can have something more original than say a MILF wanting to be f*cked by a barely 18, an old man raping a barely 18, or a barely 18 doing herself, can’t we?

I do not want to conclude this post with anything nice to to say except to wish everyone a great weekend.


15 thoughts on “Rants before I go:”

  1. an unknown does not have to worry about being skewered on snn.

    the mendiola massacre example is over-the-top. hahaha.

    your alien avatar is cute.

  2. haha. but porn can be made more interesting if it is peppered with something sensible. well, yeah, true.

    these are rather tame. i’ll think of making this post private then…or to let it stand and wait before it gets noticed, then delete it when these people threaten me with libel or death. 😉 as for libel, this is not malicious, they got to have all four elements for them to have a case.

  3. Hear hear on all save for the porn part. Porn is always interesting, if only for the lack of intelligence and oozing amusement value. Not that I’m a rampant subscriber. Hahaha.

    As for Kris and Marlene, their proliferation (yes, I talk of them like nuclear weapons) on media is dismal. But I somehow fear the idea of placing this on record and on the searchable internet. I fear for you. Haha.

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