Unblocking this writer’s block

I’ve been suffering from this for two days in a row now, and I am beginning to feel helpless.

It’s like my thoughts in comparison with the vastness of the crater of Mt. Pinatubo. I’m one of those dots.


9 thoughts on “Unblocking this writer’s block”

    1. it was the company’s photographer who took that photo, tom. i know you’ll love the view inside mt pinatubo’s crater.

  1. in the end, it’s nothing but to just write and to write on. inspired or not, writing cannot wait. one simply has to write because he has to. he can’t keep himself from breathing; he can’t keep himself from writing. if he does to both, he’d die.

  2. i only hope to get over this soon. i might have been preoccupied these days. thanks for dropping by and leaving some words to make me feel a little better.

  3. Dont feel halpless,these things happen,I get writer’s block when I have too much on my mind or too stressed.Just look into how you feel,do you feel stressed,or too busy?anyway it will go away eventually 🙂

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