Miagao Tulád

This is  just one of the contributions of the University of the Philippines Visayas to the community of Miagao in Iloilo Philippines. Miagao Tulád is the take of UPV’s Broadcast Communication students on development communication. This community paper used to be a class project during my senior year in college in my Journalism 111 class under Dr. Zoilo Andrada.

Being its first editor in chief, I felt that challenge of introducing development communication in a community that was then more comfortable with the tabloid-like, sensationalized, superficial reportage, was too much for undergraduates like us to bear. During that time my other classmates and I who were enrolled in that class were also frantically complying with our other requirements for graduation, adding another responsibility was definitely unwelcome. But it was a challenge worth surmounting, and its fruit, Miagao Tulád was our legacy, a small dent we hoped to leave in the overwhelmingly events-reporting model that Philippine media is wont to take.

Miagao Tulád (Now) is already on its fifth volume. It has remained loyal to its mission of being a catalyst in changing the community from the grassroots. It features government projects and programs the people of Miagao can avail of, political commentaries, environment, women, youth and family issues.

The latest issue whose front page appears below is a project under UPV Media.Com Journalism Committee and Journalism 141 class.


3 thoughts on “Miagao Tulád”

  1. it does not come out as regularly as you think because it’s dependent on the initiative of students to publish an issue. but good thing we do not run out of ‘idealist individuals’ here.

  2. Take pride in what you did. The great challenge in development communication, even development in general, is empowering communities AND sustaining this empowerment. A lot of institutions now just come and go. And the communities are just left to start all over again. Sad reality even I find myself immersed in. But for as long as young (naks!) and idealist individuals still contribute, even simply, to development, there is hope. See how far you’ve gone with your paper!

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