Cheap ceramics coffee cup and red pen

They come in pair — that cheap-looking, obviously cheap ceramics cup for my 5-times-in-a-day instant coffee spree and my favorite red pen I use to check my students’ papers. I can’t seem to start my day without my regular caffeine dose that triggers me to spew bloody red ink on the papers of my students. The sight of red stirs me so much that it inevitably leads to a carnage I too well detest but subconsciously enjoy.


17 thoughts on “Cheap ceramics coffee cup and red pen”

  1. hahaha. my red ink is almost finished. and the nearest civilization where i can buy another pen is several kilometers away pa. tsk tsk.

  2. Orange is my color. I was just suggesting that there are many other options to help dispel the evil-teacher-red associations. And no, you’re not kidding! Sadist. Haha.

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