I found myself switching radio channels all from over the world this afternoon. I started with a very serious Estonian AM News program, that really original Abuja FM program featuring songs popularized by American Idol winners, then to a very formal debate in a South African FM news, an all-instrumental Maldives traditional folk song station, Radio Emuzkya-Pearl Jam from Warsaw, until finally settling with a Peruvian evening all-jazz.

Listening to English programs from different corners of the world is always fun; it’s like being slumped with a buffet of different kinds of English made more colorful by Indianism, Afrikaanism, Frenchism, Spanishism (if such exists), and Filipinism of course.

You’ll need a decent web connection speed, and click here. Enjoy an afternoon listening to radio programs of your choice. Better yet, have a glass of iced tea beside you in case you accidentally arrived at a station featuring nothing but Cretan or Antarctic reggae.

My thoughts, I guess, are bitter; who but the bitter have thoughts?

–from The Neurotic’s Notebook (1960) by Mignon McLaughlin. How perfectly is captures my defense why I write the way I do.