I found myself switching radio channels all from over the world this afternoon. I started with a very serious Estonian AM News program, that really original Abuja FM program featuring songs popularized by American Idol winners, then to a very formal debate in a South African FM news, an all-instrumental Maldives traditional folk song station, Radio Emuzkya-Pearl Jam from Warsaw, until finally settling with a Peruvian evening all-jazz.

Listening to English programs from different corners of the world is always fun; it’s like being slumped with a buffet of different kinds of English made more colorful by Indianism, Afrikaanism, Frenchism, Spanishism (if such exists), and Filipinism of course.

You’ll need a decent web connection speed, and click here. Enjoy an afternoon listening to radio programs of your choice. Better yet, have a glass of iced tea beside you in case you accidentally arrived at a station featuring nothing but Cretan or Antarctic reggae.


6 thoughts on “Radioed”

  1. yes kimee, I remember you mentioning about that when I visited your place almost a year ago. i was not so keen on shortwave before, although i tried listening to taiwanese radio stations, and i think i’d exert lesser effort now to adjust my radio knob especially that internet radio is here. hehehe.

    I’ll look for that later. That FM station in abuja has one of the best programming.

    By the way, thanks for dropping by.

  2. before the internet went mainstream, I would tune in to SW, or shortwave, found between the radio’s AM and FM. I’d painstakingly turn the dial rig by rig — the SW reception’s quite poor — and with static and all, I’d stumble upon Voice of America, Mandarin musical drama programs, Australian commentaries! Real fun.

    Fev, also try Radio Darvish – Persian World Music, audiobook radio, the likes. I love Internet Radio! 🙂

  3. lemonwriter, you need to have something in your stomach first before you try visiting the site. their use of english will cause you to feel hungry even more.

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