“I wish you were here.”

In the middle of my jog yesterday, this sight of a most beautiful sunset arrested me. It could’ve been more beautiful, I thought.

A lot of things in life that can be made even more breathtaking  if we have company besides solitude.

I guess I just have to be content for now with “I wish you were here.”


14 thoughts on ““I wish you were here.””

  1. thank you..
    everyday of skype and yearly vacation bridge the gap temporarily..
    soooo looking forward to the day when we can be under the same sun for however it will take.

    glad to know that..i hope it will go on and on and on…

  2. your story is so inspiring. i just can’t imagine what you have both endured just so your relationship can keep going. i hope it get stronger each day.

    ours has just started. i am so happy.

  3. hmm..you esp-ied me?!ahaha

    that will depend on the commitment level you have for each other.

    when we started this kind of thing, i mean when i leave him to work here,were afraid of what we will be..all we have is the weekends spent with each other for the past two years in our early years of partnership..and that’s it no marriage or kids to bound us..just ourselves,the love and commmitment we have.

  4. why on and on and on? of course there will come a time that we don’t need to be apart from them..that we don’t need to wish that they were there– because they were there..

    1. true. i was thinking you’ll response that way. i was referring to the patience to wait and patience for each other.

  5. ryan..”and the heaviness starts to feel crushing”

    takes getting used to, key is hanging on..

    (i have been for 5 years and still do)

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