My brother

I went to my brother’s place on Filmore Street near Buendia. He’s changed a bit since the last time I saw him in January of this year. Three months is definitely not enough to change a person drastically. He was wearing that blue shirt I gave him when I left Manila last year, and not wanting to overstretch my point, he still looked like the younger brother I imagined in my mind. This time, however, he has a more even set of upper teeth. A result of having both upper and lower teeth braced more than eight months ago. This evenness might have given him enough confidence to comment on my ‘imperfect’ set of lower teeth. I let the remark go.

I missed him. He’s nicer this time. Probably because I was nicer to him and I cut on those nasty comments I throw at him which meant that he had nothing to throw back at me. He told me to plan a dinner with our sister who’s working in Pampanga; I said why not, if my finances stabilize and I have enough disposable income to dispose of.

He laughed.

I know I’ll see him after before the summer ends and my return to Iloilo.


7 thoughts on “My brother”

  1. louis, good thing you found this site. very true, although i have fewer siblings than you, my relationship with each one of them isn’t less exciting. it was a great experience growing up in a big family.

    all the best there.

  2. Its nice to see siblings looking after one another. I am the sixth of the ten sons and daughters of my mom and dad and that keeping up with them specially that we have a wide age gap is kinda weird. Nonetheless and besides the differences, family is family. There the only one we got and there the only one we can turn to.

  3. no, this one is the one after me. the one who got stabbed is our younger brother. hahaha. yeah, i look like a black american. when i was in vietnam, and i was sporting a skinhead then, my students called me barack obama.

  4. is he the same brother that got hurt few months ago?

    is it just me–?because i see some resemblance of you in tiger woods features..did somebody told you that?

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