When 3D clashed and crashed

We caught the last full show of Clash of the Titans (directed by Louis Leterrier) at SM Megamall last night after a very quick dinner. We never really planned to watch the 3D version of the film, but since the film was in 3D so we watched it in 3D. My approach on any film is that of a traditional movie-goer (though I do not really know what ‘traditional’ means). Nevertheless, I’m quite sure I’d go for characterization, narrative, and plot-development. The previous statement is that of somebody who is too old for cinematic fireworks. I do not get easily swayed with a bonanza of special effects.

A friend mentioned that Clash of the Titans is a good film, and since I trusted my friend, I thought to give it a try. 3D has been in the country for a while but I never felt compelled to pay almost twice the price of the ticket for a 2D film for a film whose only differentiating factor is depth and ammunition, owls, or flying horses flying to my face. But watching a ‘good’ film in 3D was too much a temptation to resist.

Aside from the weakness of the plot, illogical storyline, and laughable characters and creatures, the film, it appeared to me, can be better off in 2D.

If there is a character that benefited the most from this haphazardly used 3D it has got to be Medusa. I enjoyed how her serpentine body coiled the pillars and how her hideous snake do seemed to come out from the screen and devour the entire film from the boredom it has become. And the Kraken, good thing Medusa stoned it to death, this mythical creature in the film was dreadfully boring.


7 thoughts on “When 3D clashed and crashed”

  1. hahaha. but i think Io in this 2010 version looks pretty. and yeah, medusa is this movie’s saving grace. she’s beautiful in a very funny way.

  2. After I watched the new one, I immediately compared it to the 1981 version. In terms of generating monsters, the new one takes the pie, but story wise, the 1981 version can be understood better. A friend of mine agreed with me on this. She then asked me who’s the prettier Andromeda? I chose the old version of Andromeda which was played by Judi Bowker. I like the 2010 version of Medusa.

  3. Your right there my friend. I haven’t watch the movie though and as my friend said its really boring. The problem is the emphasis was on the 3D thing. But I think just like traditional movie goer one must critique a movie base on content, storyline or plot, and the development of the story.

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