My stray cats

Of all animals, except fish, I love cats the most. They’re the cuddliest, most intelligent, proudest, and owing to this last trait, they will never stoop to man’s level. I saw these two cats under a table in a carinderia in Bacoor, Cavite. Despite my presence, they firmly held their post and were not bothered by my presence.

I almost did something as absurd as putting them inside my bag and bringing them home. But I thought they looked better that way. For these semi-wild feline, nothing compares to running free in streets and alleyways.

I cannot bring myself to deprive these cats the dignity of living solitary and independent lives.


34 thoughts on “My stray cats”

  1. in fact cats are so cute that i find them heaven sent if not divine.

    i respect your opinion, though.

    1. it’s called preference. hahaha. and seriously, i am not kidding. if you think that is so, then that is so.

      i think otherwise.

  2. sorry to say this, but i reaLLy do hate cats ever since, . .

    they seem so evil to me, . .

    & they’re so000, forgive me with my term, YUCKY, . .

    their mere presence gives me goosebumps, . . reaLLy.

    i don’t have phobia, though and i d0n’t remember having any traumatic experience with these creatures, . .

    for no apparent reas0n, i just hate them.

    but i L0ve d0gs, . .

  3. um,tandok lang?and when was that? I don’t want to scare you but rabies can manifest even after 10 years. If the dog lived then maybe wala man to rabies hehe. All government hospitals have Animal Bite Centers where you can get all the anti-rabies and anti-tetanus shots…:-)

    1. he was bitten when he was 5 and he’s 22 years old now. or probably, my mother had him injected with anti-rabies only that i was too young to remember. hehehe.

  4. i really love cats.

    They so sweet and adorable especially if their nose are pinkish.

    It also happened to me. I planned to “kidnap” a cute little cat. He’s not aloof like most cats I would encounter on the streets.

    It wasn’t carried out though. coz I’ m busy right now and I’m not sure if I can take care of him.

    And another thing…dito sa UPDil…may nakapost sa bulletin boards sa may S.C. na adopt kittens…I was tempted because they are really cute but I don’t want to take them because i don’t have time right now. maybe some other time.

  5. hahaha…oh well, you have a point.I’m fully immunized kay nakagat ko sang puppy 4 years ago and he died 2 days after biting me—had to get all the anti-rabies shots.

  6. adopt the kittens…the adults are wild and hostile gid man.Ang mga kittens ang gina pang pulot ko sa dalan kay na luoy gid ko ya basta baby cats. My cats grew up with the dogs in our house and they coexist well, playmates sila tanan.hehe 🙂

  7. ahai…kyut2x ang mga cats…i thought i adopt mo na sila sir hehe 🙂 All my cats here in Antique are stray cats from Iloilo. I literally traveled with them for 2 hours via bus inside my bag…but i let them out once the bus started moving, they just slept the whole time on my lap…all 4 of them.haha 🙂

    1. hey ava. yeah i remember we started as friends here when i commented something about your cats…

      most stray cats be medyo wild. so kis-a hadlok man ko manguha kuring sa dalan. hehehe.

    2. waaay, scary. my brother next to me was also bitten by a dog. he only had ‘tandok’ and nothing happened adverse to him to date resulting from that bite.

  8. Nhọ 😀 Literally translated “Dirty” or “Soot-smeared/Stained face”. So u can call him Cinderella too! =)))))))

    1. le oi! send me a picture of your cat to my email. i want to post it here. and please, also take a picture of Nho beside Tet. i want to have a comparison. hehehe.

  9. Ah, he is white and yellow, but with funny color blending on the face, somehow like Tet (though not as handsome). You can have him as your pet, if you move here to live, John 🙂

  10. We just have a new one, a young male, abandoned by a neighbour, so mum took him home (my house is becoming an orphanage). He always picks on Tet, so Tet sometimes has to jump to the highest part of the cupboard to hide. But apart from that, they share food and sometimes play with each other 🙂 I’ll send u the pic of them when I manage to set them together 😀

  11. We have stray cats even around my office 😀 We feed them with left over food. Around 6 or 7 of them, so free and independent and yet friendly (not to the level of being able to touch them, but still)

  12. pigs are smarter fev… i’ve seen a free range pig at my uncle’s farm (uma in short)… they’re not caged and they just move freely in the yard… they’re not scared at people too. hehehe good thing nobody dared to steal it…

  13. But dogs are much more adorable! Haha.

    It’s good that you decided to let the cats live their 9 independent lives in the streets. Haha.

    1. hahaha. we humans love to play god most of the time. i opted to ignore the urge. my conscience is clear.

    2. soon. someday. if pumayag siyang magdala ako ng pusa sa bahay. pero kung hindi, kawawa naman ang mga pusa sa kalye.

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