7 reasons I am not voting for Manny Villar

From now, it’s less than three weeks before the elections in the Philippines. According to the nation-wide survey conducted by the Social Weather Station released in mid-February of this year, Villar trails Aquino by 7 percentage points. But I will not delve on this; this post will be for the 5 per cent who, until this time, remains undecided. Five per cent of the roughly 45 million voters is 2.25 million voters, and these people who are yet to decide whom to vote for in May may decide the outcome of the election, granting the present administration will not do any dirty tactics that will result in failure of elections.

Villar will not get my vote.

1. His candidacy is reeking with anomalies.


2. His ads on TV are just obscenely many. I almost stopped watching Philippine TV shows because wherever I go, ABS-CBN2 or GMA7, I see nothing during commercial breaks but faces of those kids singing a song that sounded like worshipping Villar.

3. His vice-presidential running-mate, Loren Legarda, is the most irritating TV personality to date since Mystica.

Her thirst for power seeps through her nose, ears, pores, and eyes every time she is interviewed on TV. Moreover, I hate how she phrases her sentences and how it shouts indecision.

4. Villar lied about his brother’s death because his family did not have the money to give the boy proper medical attention. He lied about his family’s real financial status; they’re not the dirt poor he’s been telling us they were, middle-class by all respect, Winnie Monsod said.


5. His steely composure reminds me of Donald Trump. That man is scary, so is Villar.

6. He has not responded to any the accusations of corruption hurled at him. His dry response by saying these are merely politically motivated is as dry and boring as his personality. But seriously, if he brushes all these accusations as if they are products of imagination now that he is still a candidate, imagine how he’ll react to cases of corruption when he’s already sitting in the highest seat of the land.

7. His Botox makeover is hideous. His dyed crown is horrible. Too ascetic, too black.



12 thoughts on “7 reasons I am not voting for Manny Villar”

  1. john,

    it is around 250,000+ registered voters in the middle east and africa based on migrante figures. saudi arabia posted 6,000+ vote turnout while qatar, might have around 800+ votes.


    1. a lot, when you think of it. but i hope they all go to polling precincts.

  2. ini endorso ni willie revillame, alam naman natin kung gaano kaplastik si willie revillame…

  3. This made my day.
    Can I copy the Chuck Norris Villar toon?


    The only thing I do not agree with is number 3.

    Loren Legarda is by far, the MOST ANNOYING person EVER. Mystica is merely crazy/amusing. But man, Legarda means it.

    1. sure you may copy that, just don’t forget to cite the wordpress site where i got that.


      loren has become a total farce. she’s seething with sloth.

  4. His unaddressed political and electoral anomalies are just too many and consistent for anyone not to see some semblance of truth in them. And I need not say the same about his monies or scandalous commercials.

    Whom do you endorse then?

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