That woman: my fascination with Eva Duarte

I found myself caught in the tortuous life of the living and the deceased Eva Peron. That woman, her image actually, unknown to me for the longest time and was recently introduced to me by my friend, visits me in my dreams. Her blond hair in that very familiar do, death-white skin, and sweet husky voice when she said “No llores por mi Argentina” captivated me like I am one of her descamisados.

I love her. This a declaration I shall never be ashamed of.

She can be pop and high society at the same time. Watching her delivering her speech in Spanish in front of Argentine nation made this Romance language the most rhythmic and poetic tongue ever invented.

Evita embraces Perón during the 1951 joint ticket rally, unable to accept popular calls that she run for Vice-President.

She’s the sexiest woman since Eve. But being consistent with the endless contradictions in her life, Evita is sex and the ultimate shrinker all at the same time.

Regardless, I am loving her.


8 thoughts on “That woman: my fascination with Eva Duarte”

  1. you must have been despising evita that much. hehe. i love evita because she was beautiful, that’s all. as for politics, i leave it to the marxists to critique her.

    i’m a mere fan. just fascinated with ‘that woman’.

    thanks marvin.

  2. john,

    it’s about commercialism in the highest degree. it’s about succumbing to popularity. it’s about the sheer mysticism and fanatical rag to riches story, a telenovela of sorts. a pseudo-patriotic fairytale.

    it’s about white-washing of true political motivations disguised in pro-poor intentions. it is all about money, power and fame. it’s about bloated sympathy. a classic hispanic cultural malady.

    just my opinion,

    1. hahah, not to a point of being obsessed. but i love the book, and i’m still to read a quarter of it. too busy with work, and love.

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