I’ll vote for this guy:

In the end, narrowing the choice between good and evil is a complete disservice to the people. The Filipinos for a long while have shortchanged themselves by thinking that politics is nothing but a moral choice. It is not. At least not alone. What this country needs is a decisive leader, somebody with the political will, somebody who’s smart enough to bring this country back to the road where it should be heading.

For this, I am voting for Gibo Teodoro.

And besides, he’s the coolest among the presidential candidates.


3 thoughts on “I’ll vote for this guy:”

    1. marvin,

      we’re all at the mercy of our supposed free press as any nation is in other parts of the world. in a country like the philippines where public documents are difficult to come by, people will heavily rely on the media for information, no matter how flimsy, sensational, and (often we don’t know it) false. and no matter how hard i deny it, i am as much a victim as anyone.

      we, oh how we love underdogs, are often swayed by stories of the fledgling, the loser, the obvious non-winner. gibo is.

      and besides, among the candidates, he ‘appeared’ most capable.

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