Blank and apologetic

The worst thing aside from a blank page is a bland post from a very apologetic writer.

I’ve been suffering from a lingering writer’s block for several days now, and as if to mock my already wretched condition, I have been very apologetic, hoping that being so will reduce the feeling of guilt I harbor inside me.

I have been, that is, apologetic — one, because of my long absence from this blog (almost a week now, and counting); two, for my derisive posts of late that shout bitterness if not cynicism (as they have always been); and three, for my belated responses to the comments. I apologize on behalf of my self.

I promise to be back soon, when I already have enough time and a much stronger resolve to write and to continue writing.

Soon. Very soon indeed.


10 thoughts on “Blank and apologetic”

    1. i read the story. thanks. i’m happy that you’ve been writing regularly. go on.

  1. i am still writing and keeping them on my files, but i am not yet posting any. so why the rush? what i am doing right now, is to establish friendship among my fellow writers on my blogroll, reading their works and dropping comments.

    sometimes, it pays to be interested to another’s work. it broadens our perspective and it makes us better observers. i am inspired by what they are writing about. so that is what i am doing right now, reading some of your past work and drop some comments to inspire you.

    you’re being too hard on yourself. take time to be interested in others. i am sure you will enjoy the time reading theirs.

    1. yeah marvin, your comment reminded me that i also need to read and find time to explore the near infinite blogosphere (how i hate using this word) and involve myself in the exchange. i hope this weekend will give me enough time. but surely i will. all the best.

      i could never stop thanking you for your visits here.

    1. you write? leave you link here. i’m interested to read your works, nuelene.

  2. You writes as if you owe your readers. You must be responsible to your self, primarily. Set forth and refill the well. And then come back to bravely face the blank pages.

    I, for one, remain.

    1. you do? hahaha. i know you do. thanks a lot.

      but yes, i owe this blog to that ideal reader of mine.

  3. Go enjoy yourself for goodness sake and forget about writing for a bit. Writers are not machines & do not type to order, if they did they would not be worth reading. Take a holiday from the writing until you feel like it. Your posts are good enough that your readers will stick around. No apology required.

    1. thanks for assuring me sdaedalus. i hope this weekend will give me a breather and enough inspiration to write.

      very true. we ain’t machines, so why force ourselves to go on and on and on? i need rest. thanks for reminding me.

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