I need my five-hour sleep

I don’t do naps, naps are cheap. Although I must admit that people who take naps are the most courageous if not the most audacious of humans but that does not make napping a hobby more respectable than poking booger or making sound from the vacuum created inside one’s clasped armpits.

An eight-hour sleep, on the other hand, especially these days, is a luxury only a royalty can have. For those who are situated barely above the poverty line and sometimes even falling below, giving in to sleep means giving up precious time earning to eke out a living. For a poor twenty-something like me, I know I cannot afford a sleep longer than five hours. A long sleep is expensive but truly invigorating just like your truffle, caviar, and cold champagne. Regardless, I’m sure I can live without these finer things in life.

I have less than five hours of sleep every day, but when I do I make sure I sleep like a baby which means surrendering all my cares to the cruel world. If the world burns in hell, Noah’s great flood drowns mankind and his banality, or the Christ comes the second time around, and fortuitously I’m in the middle of my five-hour sleep, I would then rather get toasted, bloated, or not resurrected than not have my sleep.

I’ll never exchange my five hours sleep for anything. I’ll sleep my five hours of sleep.

14 thoughts on “I need my five-hour sleep”

  1. Hihi. I suppose this is the 21st century sleeping trend. As for me, I do get some 5-hour restless sleep every now and then. I think it’s part of the age cycle too just as it is a result of living in the 21st century. Still, there’s a tendency for me to take (deep) naps especially in my breaktime at work, partly because my eyes ask for it and partly because I usually get 5 hours of sleep regularly so that I am urged to complete the daily 8 hours of sleep by midday.

    1. i suspect that we all feel that the longer we sleep the less productive we become, and productivity is ‘the thing’ in the 21st century. having a good, long sleep is not productive, if we do, it lowers our perceived self-worth.

      theorizing here.

  2. Due to a combination of a heavy workload & an unparalleled ability to procrastinate, my nightly sleep tends to vary from 3 hours to 10, depending on the career consequences of not getting up early the next day. I usually manage to catch up at weekends (on sleep, sadly not as much on work as I should).

    1. that’s what i missed to include here–the consequences of oversleeping which can be dependent on what there is to sacrifice for.

      i got lot of non-negotiables, i think.

    1. i used to think that way when i was at the height of my naivete. now, i laugh at thoughts as funny as not sleeping because sleep is a waste of our precious time on earth.

      we only appreciate how it is to live after having a good rest.

  3. actually i’m lucky if i can have a five-hour sleep..usually i don’t sleep especially if there’s a paper due the next day and when i grab a book that i cannot put down like those of sheldon or garwood..i always have the opportunity to witness the darkest hour of the day.

    1. nuelene, i suggest you try to have as much good sleep as you can now that still have time.

  4. dear john,

    back to my working days in hongkong, i use to have, though occasionally, 2 days without sleep. i am an interior designer then, and i was given a short lead time assignment to finish the interior design and the presentation in three days. you never know, how unforgiving working in the rush rush environment in hongkong, where working 14 hours in a day is normal.

    i promise to myself, that i would never do it again, because, on the second day without sleep, i am beginning to hear voices in my head, such in a drunken state. it’s weird and i am responding to the voices like a madman.

    i have read that 10 days without sleep, kills you faster, more than starving yourself.

    1. marvin, i just fully realized the truth in what you said, i just from a very short sleep after a long day of sleeplessness, and my head feels like being banged several times on an antique narra side table.

      i’ll never go for ten days without sleep. i know i’ll simply die on the second day. hahaha.

  5. you were quick, Louis. i was in the middle of editing my post when i received your comment here. hahaha. i also take supplement, had i not been taking, i would have already given in. i usually sleep way past eleven and wake up at 5-5:30. probably you meant ‘ihi lang ang pahinga’? i’m not sure. good thing there’s weekend.

  6. I slept late usually. Around 11 pm or 12 midnight and wake up 5:45. It has been automatic for me to wake up at 5:45 due to my seminary training. Lately I have been sleep at work due to my staying up late and insomia. What I did is take vitamin supplements. Yup in the Philippines every minute counts. If you are familiar with the phrase “iwi lang pahiniga” you know what that means 😉

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