Finally canceling my Friendster account

It was a spur of the moment decision, a split-second resolve to finally sever old ties. It was less painful this way. Disallowing hesitations and options to have second thoughts made the entire exercise akin to the clinical, impersonal approach of axing ruptured appendix or bulldozing gall stones, numbing and anesthetic.

Like all vestigial organs that will have to go, wholesale or in a rapid succession, Friendster has gone past its serviceability therefore it’s damned.

I now have one fewer online presence that will incriminate me in the inevitable day of reckoning. Thoughts of eradicating my Facebook account is looming.


11 thoughts on “Finally canceling my Friendster account”

  1. I did the same thing last year mainly due to being dragged by the exodus to Facebook. Of course, you won’t let us down by junking this blog later on. Good reading.

  2. Thank you. This makes me very happy. There is no need to post that often, but it would be nice to be able to anticipate a blog post, the anticipation of new posts is part of the fun in reading blogs, if a blog is closed down, all hope is dead. A silent blog is better than a completely defunct one.

    1. You’re welcome. I must have been very tough on my self. Interesting how it takes a reader from the other side of the world to tell me about this…

  3. hey there john,

    i hope that the reasons for quitting friendster and eventually facebook, should outweigh the reasons why you have to keep them. limiting your virtual presence on the web is a good thing because it will give you ample time to truly nourish friendships and spend time doing fruitful activities. the possibilities are endless. who knows, maybe out of this, you can find time and sit down, writing a book, perhaps.

    all the best. hope you had all the reasons to be happy always.

    1. that’s the reason, marvin. relationships, the good ones, are not measured by their sheer number but their quality.

      i won’t stop finding reasons to be always happy. maraming salamat. i hope you, too.

  4. I hope the blog won’t be the next thing to go after Facebook. Losing a good blog is like a death in the family as far as I am concerned. The pain lingers for years. I fear that there will be nothing left to occupy me when surfing the Net in transit & during boring telephone calls.

    1. sdaedalus, if only for readers like you, this blog shall remain here. thank you so much.

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