Leaving the University of the Philippines

It was a decision that did not take me long to finalize; one day, while on a bus, as I am wont to do, I made up my mind. I am leaving the University of the Philippines this semester and there is no turning back, barring legal actions from UP. Although this seems hardly possible.


I dreamed of going UP to study when I was a starry-eyed, young boy in the province. I studied hard in high school to study in UP, nailed the UPCAT and became one of the top 50 male entrants. I went to college, proved myself, and realized I had to prove myself over and over again, so I did, and I did it in as many times as the challenges manifested themselves. I graduated with honors, and with no second thoughts, vowed to dedicate my life to this university, ignoring offers from multinationals. I love teaching and cannot imagine myself doing a job other than teaching.

UP is a big institution and like big institutions, its tortuous bureaucracy dehumanized and made it impersonal along the way, including the people that run it. I had to fight my every way. I sent letters of complaint after letters of complaint, whose tones ranged from pleading to mocking, to the administration. But I felt not listened to.

I felt alone and lonely.

If only there was enough reason for me to hold on and stay.

I am young. Too young to deserve UP. Probably someday, I’ll go back and serve again this prestigious institution. But for now, I have to move on and see what’s in store for a still-starry-eyed young man like me.


14 thoughts on “Leaving the University of the Philippines”

  1. Our young instructors and/or lecturers left UP (Manila) too. Well, now I know why–they’re too young to deserve UP. And they murmured the same words: They’ll go back someday.

  2. Hi fev,
    I wish you could find self-fulfillment somewhere out there.
    This is your time to explore more opportunities unexplored.
    Leaving is not saying goodbye but a chance to refresh and start for a better beginning…
    good luck!

  3. All the schools and universities does is to serve an agenda and dump down humanity. All the education in the world will make you just go in circles, just search Illuminati on Google. I too considered teaching back in India, but whats the whole point, it was just corruption from top to bottom to get promotion and higher pay.

    People would be far better off, if they stay away from universities and learn on their own and teach others as freelancers. Just getting a stamp and a paper degree would never make us progress as human beings.

    I’m glad i did that, which gave me an opportunity to explore the world and i found Philippines, many of my friends took the left brained rat race path and went to USA with higher degree and they are working as slaves for American corporations and i took a right brained approach with less pay, my journey was slower than many others but it was the right one.

    Now after 12 years, my friends are still working for some corporations and im free exploring Philippines and other south east Asian cultures.

    1. sunil,

      thanks for the advise. someday, when I am already brave enough to let go everything, i’ll heed your counsel.

  4. I’m so sorry that the very institution that you looked up to has let you down. I hope that the next place you work with recognize and respect your dedication and value. But more importantly, I hope that you grow both as a professional and as an individual wherever you go. All the best to you 🙂

    1. nadia,

      thank you for the comment here and thank you for wishing me the best. it’s interesting how blogging can allow me to meet people who give me good words despite the fact that i am a total stranger.

  5. You need a change. You can’t spend your life at the same academic institution, that is just hiding. You need to be exposed to a wider range of views, to meet people & to grow & develop. You will not do this otherwise.

    You have to get out there and see the world. You’re young, it’s the best thing for you. And for your teaching.

    The main thing is to part on good terms, and not to burn too many bridges. If you’ve already started a fire, see what you can do to put it out. If it’s too late, it’s too late. If you do well elsewhere, anyway, they’ll be happy to forgive any falling out on the future.

    1. it was a very sound advice sdaedalus. thank you. in the end, i realized i’ve been wanting people to tell me what i know all along, if only for confirmation.

      i’ll do my best to be the best. that’s what i can promise my university.

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