I’m waiting for my 5:50 flight to Iloilo this time (how boring it is to begin an essay with this insipid line). Since I already booked my return flight on Monday, despite the hesitations, I know I have to be back here in Manila on Monday and will start living the newest chapter of my life as a college instructor at Ateneo de Manila University. This trip to Iloilo is for me to say hello and good-bye at the same time.

As an older brother to my two siblings, Sef and Gemini, I’ll have to make sure that, in my absence, they’ll be comfortable and safe, not that they were when I was still with them. But this is something I promised our mother. She has a lot of apprehensions regarding this drastic decision I am taking and I completely understand her. I had to reassure her over and over again that I’ve made worse decisions before and it’s not as if I have not prepared myself to fail, and I quipped, ‘Ma, I always play to win.’ Despite my cocky statement, I am scared. Nonetheless, I’ve had numerous experience of diving head-on with my eyes close, this isn’t the first and I have no intentions of making it the last. I’m scared, but who isn’t?

As a former member of the faculty of the University of the Philippines Visayas, I have to ask forgiveness for this ‘selfish’ decision. Nevertheless, however I look at it, this decision is the most rational decision somebody of my age can take had he/she been in my position. And I hope this is something the university that has nurtured me for the past eight years will understand. Yes, I have plans to go back one day, and I’m sure I will, that is, if UP Visayas is still willing to take me back.

And as a good friend to a handful of people, I need to say my good-byes and thank yous and to tell them that distance is relative and transcend-able. I have few people I consider my friends and I am sure they’ll all remain loyal to me no matter what. I have come and gone before but nothing seemed to have changed, except for some battle scars here and there. This one will not be any different. So I know a little catching up over a cup of brewed or instant coffee will be all right.

Not wanting to sound overly-dramatic this time, it occurred to me that this trip is also to say adieu to the most beautiful city in the world.


14 thoughts on “Good-byes”

  1. Life is short and it is important to take risks and live every moment even if that means farewell to family and friends. I wish you all the best.

  2. john,

    my congratulations to you. it seems you switched places with rj, now that he will be teaching in UP and you will be teaching in ADMU. god bless to you and keep inspiring your students to be relevant (this one i’ve said before).

    there’s no such thing as goodbye, and teaching in ADMU is a continuation, like occupying another room in the house.

    all the best to you.

  3. decisions can sometimes be painful. but then there is nothing left to do but to decide and go for what we think are better for us.

    here’s hoping that you’ll achieve even greater things on the coming days.

    1. thanks so much, siyetehan. seldom can one find very good friends in the net. i’m happy you’re here.

    1. hahaha. and to think that i adore cats.

      and until this time I am still wondering who that boy was who opened a blog to add clicks to my students’ blogs.

  4. Shiela,

    Thanks a lot. I’m happy that you learned a lot from our class. I hope you continue writing and updating your blog. All the best.

  5. It’s sad to deal with good byes
    but still happy ko para sa imu.
    just consider it another way of imparting what you have learned from UP after all. They are also Filipinos.
    Congratulations and good luck!

    1. Leislie,

      thank you so much. I also wish you all the best in your studies.
      by the way, when you leave comments here, please include a link to your blog para I can also follow it. Dugay na gid kita wala nagkitaay.

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