On the overuse of ‘though’, though

“Let’s meet at Glorietta?”

“Sure, I love it, though.”

“Will you be able to make it at 5? I’m thinking of dropping by the office first.”

“That’s fine. I’ll just wait for you at Starbucks, though.”

“Great! See you then.”

“I can’t wait to tell you about it, though.”


I do not know if it’s only I who notice it but it appears that there is an oversupply of uncalled for “though” in almost all conversations in any workplace that require English (or at least a tinge of American/British/English accent), especially in high-rise offices along Ayala Avenue, Ortigas, Alabang, or Libis in Quezon City.

“Though” may function as a conjunction as in ‘in spite of’ or ‘despite the fact that’, or as an adverb as in ‘nevertheless’ or ‘as though’. But it may also function, informally, as an intensifier.

Of the three ‘thoughs’ in the conversation above, only the second ‘though’ is closest to any of the possible meanings of though, that is, if it means “I’ll wait for you not in Glorietta but in Starbucks.” But the problem with this is that the speaker is referring to that specific Starbucks located in Glorietta which makes ‘though’ here unnecessary.

Language is dynamic. One day, this proliferation of useless ‘thoughs’ may eventually be acceptable. But that’s going to be one day. Hearing these inappropriately used ‘thoughs’ irks me, though.

That woman

Nine years after Arroyo came to power, the feeling of seeing her get on that Ford SUV as a private citizen was incomparable; seeing that mammoth gas-guzzler vanish bringing Arroyo with it was almost of divine character, more like an epiphany for a nation her rapacious administration had ravaged.

To the very end, Arroyo never wavered in her arrogance. She exists in a different universe that bars her from seeing reality in our universe. She was booed, heckled, and the people in Quirino grandstand made known to her that they were rejoicing seeing that her regime has come to an end. But she was impervious to these. She has lost everything that makes a human vulnerable to all these.

I’m just happy to see her leave.