Repelled by Araneta-Cubao

This Monday, I intend to experiment on using a new route home. I am going to get off at V. Mapa LRT2 Station after my 3:30 pm class in Ateneo instead of alighting in Araneta-Cubao, my usual route. Riding the MRT from Cubao to Shaw Boulevard is already killing me. The walk from Gateway to the station, dodging as many alienated human beings just like me, the useless exercise of falling in line and showing the entrails of my backpack to an indifferent security guard who do not really know what to look for inside, the pushing and brushing with other tired and smelly commuters on transit, and the presence of bored-looking magnetic stored-value tickets inside my wallet announcing a bad omen coming my way are all it took this afternoon to finally abort any resolve I used to have in undertaking suicidal activity on a daily basis.

But instead of giving up and calling it quits, I opt to look for an easier route that will spare me from all these drudgery that are considered ‘normal’ by those who are well-versed in the art of riding public transportation in Metro Manila.

I shall never be accustomed to this torture I expose myself to on a daily basis. I thought I will have no escape from this. Until I remembered this afternoon that I once took this V. Mapa Route last year to a part-time work I was doing then. All I hope is that this plan will be feasible. Although there are other aspect of the journey I need to consider such as the cost and the length of time it’ll take me to reach home, my primary consideration for now is to stay far from Araneta-Cubao as possible.

This rediscovered route will.


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