Bad omen

I have not been writing for several days now. And if I am not writing, I am definitely not thinking as only through writing am I able to think. Now, the possibility of my brain having irreversibly atrophied or, worse, dessicated after days of not being utilized scares me.

While on the train this morning, I wasn’t very sure, but I felt a feeling of utter disgust with myself when I had to re-read six times (!) a line of compound-complex sentence in an essay that is a part of an anthology that is part of my weekly reading list. Based on my experience in checking papers of my students and reading works of import (or plain trash), most compound-complex sentences are generally challenging to comprehend especially if the writer deliberately used them to intimidate the reader, display his erudition, or simply exercise his linguistic virtuosity. But reading it six time before finally understanding it something new.

My spiraling down into this pit of idiocy may be traced to all or any of the following: (a) I do not anymore have time to read because of my work that requires me to read a lot; (b) when I have free time, which I seldom have, I would rather spend it in the gym working out; (c) and whatever little time is left, I waste it in front of the television, taming my usually violent thoughts with National Geographic or History channel features.

Of the three, the most nefarious is the tube. Aside from those two channels mentioned in the paragraph above, I have been watching a good number of TV shows that swim in stale, viscous soup of inanity. If it is a consolation, watching TV makes me forget, even for a few minutes, my worries about the uncertain. However, one does not become well-educated by watching TV; whether one is watching  BBC, Jack TV, or Etc is immaterial. In fact the opposite happens–one most certainly becomes a moron. And I am a bit suspicious that I am already falling into, if not already completely entrenched in, this dark pit of idiocy. TV made me so vulnerable and it has conditioned me to think that I can do nothing about it.

TV takes away the time I should have been spending with my books and writing. For this I am beginning to worry. That compound-complex sentence was a bad omen.

6 thoughts on “Bad omen”

  1. john,

    it is true what you have said about the boob tube, it takes away of the precious time a writer should spent on writing and reading. but in a way, a good breather at times to free the mind. i had my cable tv subscription installed this morning in my room, as my best friend had forced me to sign up for. and it worries me, as i am beginning to be dependent on the images moving on TV rather than having them moving in my mind. well, let’s see what happens in the coming days. you, be judge.

    have a nice week ahead.

    1. marvin,

      i hope the images don’t overwhelm you. hahaha.

      write some more.

      and have a great weekend to you.

  2. Oversleeping can be worse than undersleeping.

    Most people need to get a regular number of hours’ sleep a night, also, fresh air when sleeping is very important.

    Going to the gym should help a bit with the sleeping.

    Blogging is great, but can affect sleep when corresponding with people in different time zones, watch out for this.

    1. hahaha. i know. sometimes, during the weekend, i try not to sleep more than 10 hours. but i rationalize this oversleeping with the idea that during weekdays i only get to have five hours of sleep.

      and very true, blogging is a tough business. aside from writing articles, a blogger also needs to reply to comments and think about what to write next. hahaha.

  3. It sounds like you are not getting enough sleep.

    Complex convuluted sentences would drive anyone mad, it is the fault of the author, not the subject. Sometimes it is possible to enjoy them as a literary challenge, but definitely not when one is under pressure.

    I used to watch a lot of TV, particularly crime & thrillers I don’t think it did me any permanent damage, however it got to the point where I knew what was going to happen before it happened, most TV series are so unoriginal. So I changed to blogs, where the standard of originality was higher.

    1. Indeed. Sometimes in days when I am less preoccupied, I try to oversleep to compensate for the days I lack sleep, but I only end up having a wringing headache.

      I must admit that I am also guilty of using a lot of them. However, it has nothing to do with the complexity of the sentence, it’s the complexity of the thought, or the author being confused with his own thoughts.

      Long live blogging!

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