Teaching for 42 years


If I count all the years I have spent working since I graduated from college in 2007, they would sum up to roughly two years and a half. Of this, I spent two years teaching. The other six months was spent either in a job I did not love or whining about that job I never learned to love. Negligible, if I compare this to my elementary school teachers in the provice whose service records stated 25, 31, 37 years spent teaching (this I learned after they unsuspiciously asked me, then a naive-looking grade three pupil, to photocopy their service records at the principal’s office. You may be asking why it’s in the principal’s office. During that time when the photocopying machine made it premier in our small barrio anything precious, as was just proper, was stored, inventoried, and displayed in the principal’s office, so dead frogs preserved in a clear bottles of mayonnaise, stuffed giant tortoise caught in a creek beside the school, outstanding school projects submitted by students whose mothers had to pay a national artist a fortune to paint their son’s ‘Go, Glow, and Grow’ charts, ‘modern’ equipment like a stereo the size of a coffin set vertically, a black-and-white TV, a turntable, and the Minolta photocopier popular during the 90s find their way in his mildewy office. The principal, by default, was also the photocopying machine operator as secretaries were unheard of in those years,). The principal himself, who was my teacher in a required drafting class, was one of the longest –serving teachers in the school, 35 years. He died three years after he retired, serving a total of 42 years. The truth is, I got really nothing to say in this post. I am now in the middle of my class, and thoughts about teaching just preoccupy my mind.


6 thoughts on “Teaching for 42 years”

  1. really huh..

    I’ll be coming home on Oct. for a short visit then I’ll be back again on Dec. for a longer one.Maybe then?

    1. maybe then. if you stay in the metro or anywhere near, i’d be glad to have you in my class.

  2. i bet you do love teaching and good about it. in fact I’d like to see you in action..haha.

    very true that we have options.and in a nutshell that options make our lives more complicated and complex.

    1. hahaha. i’d be very honored to have you in my class.

      please do message me if you’re back home, attend my class in ateneo.

  3. so you think you’ll also last that long in teaching?..

    it’s ironic when i think of my parents and other peoples career that seems to last like 20 years or more and compare it to my 5 year career without getting bored and think about quitting.

    how can they do that? is it enough that they love what they do.

    1. i feel exactly the same. the longest time i stayed in a job (an employer, that is) is 10 months.

      i love teaching. i do not think i can do anything better than teaching. i think i am good at it (my opinion of myself). hahaha.

      what makes us different is that we have more options than our parents had during their time. besides, in the age of the internet, who wants to stay in one site (place) forever?

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