Thoughts on sex (Part 2)

This is an addendum to Somebody’s thoughts on sex (Part 1)

“You told me it is not anymore important to you.”

“Yes, but it does not mean it is not anymore important. It definitely is, still.”

I have nothing against constricting my sex life in a straitjacket, or more appropriately a chastity belt, as this is a normal consequence when one gets himself involved in a strictly monogamous union. I welcome this as a restful respite from years of reckless abandon and unhinged debauchery. Sometimes I already find it hard to see my old self in the context of my new life. As if out of whim, but definitely a result of careful introspection, I woke up one day and came up with this foolish idea of denouncing promiscuity and sticking to the one person whom I derive sexual pleasure from and with.

When it stops being cheap, sex gains the greatest of values — bliss.

I remember writing ‘off to my third job’ (I currently hold four) as a Facebook status recently. A female college friend left a comment asking me ‘Wala ka na na social life, Fev, eh? (Do you still have a social life, Fev?).’ I remember how I used to equate social life with sex life and that the only meaningful form of socialization, excluding, of course, with my family, friends, students, and the people I work with in academe, is having sex with the other party. I, however, avoided having sex with another party if the other party happened to be coming from a different species, of supernatural origin, or a non-living thing.

Aside from finally deciding to retire from the repetitive courtship game of luring and being lured because it has gone tiring, stressful, I eventually felt that I derived nothing from it but dirty pleasures and the icky feeling of having contracted something malevolent such as syphilis, herpes, or worse, HIV.

But I guess this is the normal progression of things. When one grows old, he realizes there are things more important and interesting than getting laid.

22 thoughts on “Thoughts on sex (Part 2)”

  1. could it be that your bored with your current sex life..?

    (debating whether this an inappropriate comment or not..apologies if it is)

  2. i can’t help but laugh. i remember old thoughts that…
    anyways, you still amaze me(still laughing). keep it up sir (pun intended)!

  3. What you wrote about is emotional maturity. Unfortunately sexual maturity must come first before emotional maturity. When you have sex too much and too freely, and wake up feeling like crap after a meaningless random casual encounter, or worse when you find out you have some STD, only then will you realize that you want something of the higher-order, that you want something more meaningful and precious.

    I guess for most guys it works this way. That’s why it’s always better to get an older guy – I always thought when they had their fill of things they would get sick of it.

    Most girls who stick with the social codes and standards do not discover the truth about love and life this way, as they persisted in being prim and proper, which is effectively suppressing natural desires. For those of us who are more adventurous and free from the stigmatizing consequences of experimenting, we learn it the hard way. But, as always, when you learn things the hard way, when you have an ample dose of positivity, life seems more beautiful, in hindsight.

    1. regina,

      do we really have to mature in that order? although what you just said in the first paragraph may be applicable for some people, others realize the crappiness of their lives, their sex life, that is, without having to reach that point of feeling like trash or contracting chlamydia.

      you seem to have remained positive despite the hurts. indeed, life remains, in eyes of people like us (I assume), more beautiful.

      i completely agree with your thoughts on serbis. continue writing.

  4. My “reading” comprehension as regards men is about the same as my reading comprehension of your posts, in other words, hit and miss & probably best done outside the bedroom, where comprehension tends to go out the window.

    To draw a further parallel, multi-tasking does not help either as some men tend to require concentrated attention to fully understand them. Not all of them merit this in terms of interest though.

  5. Apologies about the reading comprehension, it tends to deteriorate when blogging from the bed, although, before you say anything, for once this was not the consequence of trying to do two things at once.

    I really enjoyed your posts, it is nice to see you in more light-hearted form.

    1. there a rare days when i think of nothing but good things in life. in most days, i can be acrimonious.

  6. “you guys seem”


    “you guys seem”


    PS: although you say you’re not particularly discriminating (unless supernatural beings, family members, inanimate objects or animals of other species), I would advise you as a teacher to also avoid students.

  7. This is very funny. How on earth did I miss your earlier sex post, which was very good btw?

    I can’t go anywhere on the Interwebz without tripping over jaded roues these days, you guys seems to be everywhere.

    If you have 4 jobs I’m not surprised you’ve lost interest in sex, you know my views on spreading yourself too thin, although it sounds like from your history you’ve already been doing this for years (sorry).

    I agree that there are things out there more important & interesting than getting laid – when one is already getting laid of course.

    It sounds like you’re just hibernating for a bit (I will resist the temptation to make any reference to nuts or berries).

    I’m sure when the work eases off & you meet someone who is sufficiently interesting & enough of a challenge (terrible word, but I am too lazy on a Saturday morning to look for synonyms) you will regain interest.

    Anyway, just to say that your honesty is very refreshing, so many men lie through their teeth about all matters relating to sex.

    1. very funny comments above, sdaedalus. i must say you accurately nailed some of them on the head. i am glad you enjoyed reading the first part of this post.

      hahaha, you seem to be a veteran in the field of ‘reading’ men in general.

      thanks a lot, at least a woman from the other side of the world understands. good evening from here.

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