Conflicted plethora

It would be a good way to start a busy day with a new post, before I get harassed by a plethora of things I need to accomplish today.

If I’d be a judge of the sentence above (which I wrote myself  to introduce a post I intended to write but did not have the time to write) I would say it is pervasively lame for several reasons:

1. People are not really interested to know about your life, so why force it on them.

2. Their lives are as busy as yours, so why pull everyone’s attention toward your preoccupation? Doing so is, in the simplest term, a waste of other people’s time.

3. The use of ‘plethora’ is uncalled for. It is exaggerated. And in a world where people exaggerate a lot, the figure of speech our English teachers endearingly call hyperbole is overwrought (because it is).

4. The assumption of the writer of the sentence above is that he is being read. In fact he is not.

And so, I suppose that silence is a far better companion than aimless and rambling thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Conflicted plethora”

    1. thanks hames, i do not know if i will take that as sarcastic, but whatever it is, thanks for dropping by.

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