Optimizing site clicks

What SEO or Search Engine Optimization exactly means still eludes me. Although I think it’s a statement not worth writing since I have after all access to the web and without any problem, I can type the phrase in the Google search box found in the upper right hand corner of my monitor and in a matter of milliseconds I’ll get the answers to my question. But doing it the easy way is a no-brainer.

It is a learned behavior of those who work in outsourced industries to congregate in coffee shops and talk/orate about subjects of non-import using their uniformly mixed nasal-guttural voice audible within a 200-meter radius. As is often the case, this is a bane, especially if one stays in a coffee shop to read a paperback schedule to be read by as many times as the even-numbered pages but has been postponed by as many times as its odd-numbered pages. In some rare instances, however, one can pluck useful information from eavesdropping in these conversations that are more like a public address system announcements than private exchanges. I learned from one of these that SEO has to do with maximizing the number of clicks a website receives (which reflects on the number of people who visits it and therefore more opportunities to advertise), roughly.

It concerns me, though it does not bother me to I point that I deprive myself of sleep thinking of ways to get as many clicks as I can in a day. But is it a natural course for my blog readership to plummet? I ask. From a peak of almost 700 to a thousand in a day, I now only have, on average, 400 on weekdays and 300 on weekends, and based on how things look, the drop will not stop any time soon.

Partly, this drop can be attributed to my lack of new posts for weeks now. But this isn’t the whole picture since majority of my most popular posts were old ones. This has caused me to wonder, until…

I began reconsidering the objective I had when I started this site. I was only after expression of my thoughts (though eventually, I realized that they cannot be only mine), and this is regardless whether they’re read or not. And the clicks, yes, they give me some bragging rights, but that’s all. Also, I am a bit driven by a little vanity.


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