Convincing myself

I was already done with my class in Ateneo that afternoon. I hurriedly left the classroom but was ambushed by some students from that class for a quick consultation and questions about the scores I gave their papers. I quickly explained the reasons for the C pluses and the Bs or how to express their thought more clearly in writing. After that, I passed by the department to gather the books I left on my table that afternoon before I went to my class at 1:30. At exactly 4:00 after browsing the pages of a newly bought book by Neil Gaiman referred to me by one of my students, I prepared to go home. I crossed Leong Building, the road that opens to the third gate, and said hello to the old guard who always mistakes me for a delinquent student whenever I am in my torn pants or when I don’t wear my ID (I have never worn it, I probably have a phobia of being strangled to death by somebody with the lanyard of my ID card).

After struggling my way ascending that overpass that crosses Katipunan Ave, I found myself breathing heavily on the other side of the road waiting for jeeps from UP. I boarded a rusty Sarao-model jeepney, paid seven pesos, alighted at the terminal under the massive concrete flyover in the corner of Tandang Sora and Katipunan, and braced myself for two train rides home. It usually takes me an hour to reach the gloomy condominium complex I am staying in Mandaluyong. Although I think that the route I take every day is difficult as it is, relatively, this is normal for most residents of Manila; I’ve known of some who work in Quezon City but live as far as Las Pinas or Cavite. And I have nothing to complain about because I am living comfortably from what I am receiving every end of the month. What more can I ask from a job I really love doing? Calling it work is even inappropriate.

(Bitter smile.)

8 thoughts on “Convincing myself”

  1. My bad… still trying to learn about the real world. But you can’t deny that money is lacking in places where needed the most. Instead it is given to people who spend it frivolously. But then again if given to the people who need it the most, they’ll spend it frivilously too ><" What a strange planet.

    1. indeed a strange planet. when you grow older you’ll realize that most of your assumptions when you were younger are, as they always turn out to be, rather immature.

  2. People get millions by learning lines and speaking them out on TV, no matter how bad their acting is… but people such as teachers train future leaders, inspire minds and set people on a morally good track. The government is satisfied with giving thousands…

  3. I admit not being able to stand that kind of daily commuting. There is always something more meaningful that enables one to undertake difficult things such as Metro Manila commuting.

    1. difficult indeed. and i hope my love for teaching is the reason why i subject myself to this insanity. hahaha.

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