College reunion

Three years after we all graduated from college, seven of us met again after a week of not-so-very-careful planning at Kitchen in Greenbelt 3. Out of the nine who are currently working in the metro, seven showed up, not bad for reunion we held for the first time in a different place (we already held several mini reunions but they were all in Iloilo). Gretchen missed it because she had a client to meet in Caloocan, and Paulyn was doing some reviews for her exams in law school.  The meeting last night was rushed. Alice and Koko both had to leave early for their work in Taguig, and Fonz had somebody waiting for her outside Kitchen. In the end, it was Tjay, Ira, Nelly, and I who were left to end the night.

Next time, we’ll try staying longer, do some more catching up, and we hope to chug as much alcohol as our guts can take.

Photo credit goes to Alice Ledesma who volunteered her place to be the next venue of our reunion sometime in mid-October.


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