Earbleeding Bach

I was seated in my cubicle an hour before my classes started this afternoon when I heard an irritating classical melody that encroached the whole English Department. I just finished my morning classes in Assumption that time and was sweating heavily after rushing to reach Ateneo before 12:30pm and from the long walk that started from the third gate to De la Costa. The incessant streams of perspiration that ran down from my forehead to the tip of my nose to my cotton tee made me all the more uncomfortable. I was not in the mood to tolerate anything that forces itself upon me. Not even the divine music of Bach.

I started checking my students’ papers, trying my best to be rational and less hubristic. The melody, reeking with unsaid pretense, akin to a rapacious philanderer forcing himself upon a provincial lass, caused me to bleed from the inside. If only the very considerate person who thought he’s doing all the people in the department good by drowning us in his ‘beautiful’ music by Bach could have better kept his taste of music to himself by using a pair of earphones. This could have then be a much better world.

Okay, I admit that I was in the English Department and it’s supposed to be a place that ought to maintain intellectual highbrow-ness. Classical music, aside from signaling the presence of what we refer to as ‘class’ in an individual, also marks an intellectual. The ability to enjoy classical music, unfortunately, is a learned skill. And it is lamentable that I am yet to imbibe the propensity.

The association between classical music and intellectualism is something I deem irrational and elitist. My taste in almost anything, and that includes both sex and music, is crude, base, and crass. I do not have any particular predilection to any type of music. My approach to the exercise of music appreciation is utilitarian. Whatever catches my fancy at a specific moment is good music. But I see to it that only I can hear whatever is coming from my phone or any devise that plays songs. I do not not want other people coming up with premature opinions  about me that are shallowly based on the music I listen to. I do not want to cause any distraction to other people because of the songs I listen to that will cause them to bleed in the inside like what occurred to me this afternoon.

People should not hold against music, as in any other things. It is not something we should endure just for the sake. It works on the take-it-or-live-it scheme. And this is regardless of the type of music.

I went to my classes suffering from internal hemorrhage. Thank god it’s just figurative.


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