23:24 or the philosophy of rubbish

I’m about to sleep this time, and just as I am about to retire and ready myself for the tumultuous day tomorrow, I suddenly feel this urge to workout my fingers a bit and type in some paragraphs or two (in the hopes of gaining some musculature below my radio-ulnar area, or I’m kidding (though I am aware most of my attempts at humor almost always end up flopping)), which I am not quite sure will amount to anything that is worth your time, but you cannot fault me for being an irresponsible blogger or writer (as bloggers (at least most of them) profess that what they do is writing in its strictest sense) because postmodernism (or some ideas, more likely, by-products of modern society’s unabated theorizing) and/or some call it ‘God’ (also a by-product of unbridled philosophizing and/or faith) give/s them enough leg room to spew out as much rubbish as cyberspace allows them (me including) to churn, and considering the apparent infinity of this space, which is as huge if not more huge than the expanse of the physical universe, the production of garbage then is infinite, so is garbage itself, or rubbish as most English have more preference to call it such.


4 thoughts on “23:24 or the philosophy of rubbish”

    1. tagal mo nang hindi nakabisita. sure. make gaya, but before you do that, try writing and do some postings muna. 🙂

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