Lost phone

I just lost my phone.

It feels like half of myself  had been forcibly taken away from me; but for some reason of supernatural sort, I feel liberated at the same time. I do not know from what, but it just feels good in a way quite difficult to explain.

I’d gone too dependent to it, from sounding the alarm every six in the morning, listing  the schedule of my daily work that I juggled quite well these days thanks to my phone, and in times when I was down, it was from it that I took strength to go on each day as it had become the medium for the inspiring words sent to me by my family and some friends or calls from my mother that never failed to calm my often distraught spirit. That blue Sony Ericsson had been an efficient extension of myself while remaining inconspicuous throughout.

At 7:30 this morning, while I was in my usual hurry to leave after a quick breakfast, because of its unobtrusiveness, I forgot it on top of the table at McDonald’s. I was already in Katipunan when I realized that I left it there. I did not anymore bother to go back and killed any hope that I can still retrieve it. It’s forever gone.

Losing something as indispensable as one’s mobile can expose one to the many vulnerabilities of not being connected to the rest of one’s circle or to the rest of the world, if one wants to heighten the role he plays in the universe. However, it can also mean freeing oneself from the shackles of the modern world and its insistence on materialism. And finally appreciating life for what it truly is–beautifully simple.

Losing one’s mobile is the nearest one can get to the ascetic lifestyle, like that of a hermit, when nothing matters but the mind and the possibilities it can contain, unbefuddled by the pressures of modern living. It’s finally realizing that happiness is not a result of accumulating and possessing material wealth but that it emanates from something bigger, more sublime than our very corporeal existence.

Then I remember I was waiting last night for a message from a friend about her comment on the write-up I did for her boss. I remember I had this very chummy correspondence with a high school ex. I remember I was expecting for a call from an organization I submitted an application to more than a week ago.

And the truth hit me coldly in the forehead. I JUST LOST MY PHONE!



7 thoughts on “Lost phone”

  1. Ah, John, poor thing 😦 I’m also too dependent on my phone, right now in a hotel in Saigon, checking FB and write here for u using my phone too… Anyway for u to get the contacts back? 😦
    miss u and sending u a big hug from 30 degree celcius Saigon

    1. are you now based in saigon, le? i already have my phone back.

      i miss you. enjoy the weather there now. i do not think it is any different from the weather here in manila.

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