Time travel

By Marj Bunda*

Traveling through time is physically impossible but others continue to believe in it. No proof has been documented throughout the years of scientific research about its feasibility yet many still take faith in it. If you could travel through time, would you rather go and seek your future, or try to reinvent your past?

THE PAST is what has been done, what has happened, what has been voiced out. These are actions we cannot change, words we cannot say again, things we wish we had but cannot have. If I were to go back in time, I would not want to change anything. Everything that has happened these past years is one thing I don’t want to change. Everything happens for a reason, and everything has its own consequences. We can blame no one for our actions but ourselves. What we do is always our own choice. What we have done will always have a positive and negative impact, not only to ourselves but to others. There is no other way than to face the results of our actions. There is no way we can return and change the actions that have caused our downfall or success. Always take note of the fact that what happened may always serve as an inspiration for our future actions. Find hope in every failure, every mistake.

THE FUTURE is something to behold, look forward to. What lies ahead is always a secret. A few may take a sneak peek but what they see will always be hazy, not always clear. When we think of the future, there are many possibilities, many opportunities, but no assurances. There is always hope, but there is also doubt. You may never know what will happen next. One time, you’re happy, the next you’re drowning in sadness. No one can tell if a fairy tale ends in a happy ending. Sometimes, even endings don’t happen. Future possibilities may confuse you. Planning for the future can be a stressful experience for you may never know if your plan would work or not. One lesson I learned – don’t rush into the future. Think of now.

THE PRESENT is what is happening now. It is the bridge and the gap between the future and the past. What we do now will become the past. What will happen tomorrow will become the present. It is a never ending cycle. Every day is a special day. Take each moment as if it will be the last, enjoy every bit of life while you can. Do not take advantage of, but take pleasure in what you have. Take something, but always give something back. Everything that is given to you now may be taken away in the future. Cherish today for not everybody is as lucky as you are now. Be thankful, be happy.

TIME is an incredible thing. It wraps itself in mystery. No one can figure it out. Only time travelers can. However, they do not exist today, they may exist in the future, or they may have existed in the past, no one knows for sure. What we know is that there is a past, there is a present, and there is a future. How we take these times in our life depends on us.

*Marj Bunda is a former student of the author at the University of the Philippines Visayas.


8 thoughts on “Time travel”

    1. dull it’ll make the world, indeed. it’s more exciting to shiver while waiting for whatever tomorrow brings. and the past is better appreciated when read.

    1. is it a book. i’ll check it out. thanks for recommending it. and thanks for dropping by here, wels.

  1. good point on the time travelling thing…and yes, i do agree, everything happens for a reason. I love the choice aspect. We are where we choose to be. 🙂

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