The week is so over

I’d always catch myself telling my students to resist the temptation of using superfluous intensifiers in their writings, but I think it won’t hurt if I indulge myself in them a little bit this time. The week is so over. The weekend beckons itself in “green and purple invitation;” it’s sweet. Very sweet, indeed.

I’ve come up with a list of activities for this weekend while on a train from work: I will probably watch a play at UP, dinner after, catch the last full show of Narnia before the clock hits midnight of Saturday, two days of intense workout as I missed three days of gym, write an article for my writing stint at the Asian Institute of Management, buy gifts for my youngest sister, read a chapter or two and some short readings for my MA class, check the uncontrollably accumulating papers of my students, and maybe, if I still have time on Sunday afternoon, jog around the Sunken Garden at UP.

In fact, I am thinking of reading that dense book (whose title escapes me now) I’ve been meaning to read but could not gather enough bravado, time, and endurance to begin reading. But it can wait, I guess. I noticed I’ve been postponing too many things and these things staring at me in the eye brought me nothing but guilt, or if they do bring me something it’s that wringing feeling of a screwed self.

This busy week, however, and the busy weeks that came before it, taught me to appreciate the coming of this weekend and the weekends to come, to welcome them as if they’re the New Year and to really savor between my tongue and palate the delicious idea of having my hard-earned rest all to myself. It’s a good feeling being young and free at the same time.

23 thoughts on “The week is so over”

  1. a living city, that is manila. i think you perfectly captured the reason why this city is unique–aside from the plethora of people–they all look like you.

  2. haha. i do not love manila. it’s just that this city is amusing. and a killer. a sadist of the highest degree.

    and i am a masochist.

    1. My neck of the woods is totally laid back. Last year, same time, relatives from manila came for a one month visit, and the first thing they asked was, ” where are the people ? ” lol There were no pedestrians walking, no cars on the streets after 9 AM and 9 PM. After our vacation in the Philippines this summer, I could see why they were amazed at the lack of activity here. My city is relatively small in terms of population, ( less than a million ) but bigger than manila and its vicinity in terms of size. So, you can imagine how we are all spread out over here. Hahaha Not to say we have no nightlife here, because we have, thank God for small mercies. Anyway, that’s why I had so much fun there. I had never seen so many people at one time ( and they all look like me ! )

  3. hahaha. they say billboards are the poetry of advertising. and manila is such a poetic city in the capitalistic sense.

    1. hahaha. that sense of rootedness…makes us go back to where we came from love it more than when we left it.

  4. truly, but this makes manila very endearing. its unpredictability, various colors, duplicity (if you may, but in fact it has more than two faces), its hardness, its grayness, its pollutions, its third-worldly charm, all these may not make it in the list of the most livable city in the world, but insofar as being interesting is concerned, nothing will beat this city. oh, iloilo city in southern philippines can well rival it.

  5. I just closed my eyes and hoped we’d reach our destination in one piece. Driving there is so dangerous. I now believe my mother when she said if one could drive in Manila , one could drive anywhere in the world.

    1. hahaha, it was terrible. indeed. but it’s a matter of getting used to all these confusion and make sense of them. filipinos are good at it–making sense of otherwise incomprehensible situations.

    1. i know. i am very thankful. in fact i seldom have time to get bored these days. but with the absence of boredom comes my inability to reflect on my life. i think boredom serves a very important purpose–it keeps us from becoming an animal.

      i am becoming one.

  6. i like the seems to me u’r holding on to the time till you finish whatever it is that you need to do then you could let the sun set..
    nah this is just my imagination exaggerating..O.O

    1. i took this picture while resting after two hours of writing endlessly. to a point you’re right. i did not want the day to end. not until i was done….but i guess i am too far from being god so the day ended but work had to continue the next day and the day after.

  7. Ha I wish I have the same resolve as you in working out..

    I’d always tell myself yeah yeah ” I will work out– I want to do it, I will it do and I have to do it” but after a month or so tada and I’m slacking again..

    Apparently, I hate myself getting tired unless I got tired from shopping..ahihi..
    But I have to admit working out makes me feel good.

    1. going to the gym is a good way to cope with all the stress in my life. it make me feel good, not mentioning that it somehow makes me look a bit good (well, i guess. i’m not so sure.)

  8. “I noticed I’ve been postponing too many things and these things staring at me in the eye brought me nothing but guilt..”

    > This is an everyday thing for me. And it’s very addictive. Hahahhaa!

    1. learn to outgrow it. the world outside the university is less forgiving. i’ve had my share of lashing because of postponing my work.

    1. yeah, it’s the university of the philippines, and that’s also where i graduated from. thnks for passing by here again, renxkyko.

      have you visited the philippines before?

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