On the relevance of a year-end report

There’ll be nothing of a year-end summary or something that sounds close to this phrase here. This blog won’t slide down the slippery slope of sentimentality.

The author is a self-confessed connoisseur of melodrama as his life, though far from being melodramatic, is perceived by him to be tragic if not tragicomedic. This explains why posts that precede this are nothing but emotional outpourings that are of no relevance to whatever issue of import that confront this nation or the world.

He is lost in the labyrinth of his own making, caught in the darkness of the abyss he so loves inhabiting, too selfish to look outside, too self-absorbed that the only world that exists is his world within.

But because of his affinity (a recently discovered inclination) for listing items down, he’ll come up with a line item listing of the events that defined his (notice his conceit) 2010.


8 thoughts on “On the relevance of a year-end report”

  1. I have no idea…. economics ?

    Well, if it’s directly proportional, you must be getting paid loads….. if not, at least you have a day job, LOL

    Ah, i’ll put your site on my blogroll, if i can manage to do this. I;m so techie challenged. LOL

    1. i teach literature and…writing. hahaha

      thanks. you have to do it manually these days when you want to include a blog in your roll. it was easier then.

    1. if being a writer means getting paid for writing. yes. but if the quality of my writing is directly proportional to the pay i get, i’ll be a really bad writer then.

      i taught writing and journalism at up for a year and a half, and this time i’m with ateneo de manila, guess what i am teaching?

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