Dripping air-con and some nonsense

The air-con in my room is dripping and what better way to keep the water from flooding my books and the rest of the room than using an old boxer’s to function as a cork like when I wanted to keep HCl vapor from escaping my test tubes in my Chemistry class in college.

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I caught the bug of repeat playing a song; this time it’s the mushy and hopelessly pathetic The Only Exception. And it has been playing for two hours since the time I woke up. On the third hour, my pitiful soul could end up staring blankly at my splattered physical body that suffered from a gravitational force equal to an 80-kilogram body falling from the 22nd floor of a building on EDSA.

Breakfast was quick and boring — pancakes and a styrene cup of stale, artificially-stuffed-with-caffeine-enough-to-keep-me-awake-for-a-week coffee. And a conversation, which was not at all entirely boring, about the functions of media (!) in Philippine society and topics that meander like Pasig.

Facebook statuses are getting more tasteless  by the day. Mankind if free-falling down to nadir because of the weight of the commonplace thoughts we inundate the world each day. The internet can only take so much, or like everything else, insipidity is also to point infinity?

Opening my yahoo messenger after a several months of dormancy was, to say the least, a revelation. YM is a remnant of a colorful past I used to inhabit but something I got no plan of revisiting anytime soon.