The previous post was written when I was out of my mind thirty minutes ago. Do not take it seriously. I repeat–do not.


2 thoughts on “Caveat”

  1. It’s true about Fox Channel. I don’t watch this station, but it is now one of the highest rated channel, which goes to show there are as many viewers with similar mindset. But you have to know that supposedly ” objective ” news channel such as MSNBC, NBC, and CNN are no different from Fox. In fact, I find them even more disgusting for pretending they are entirely the opposite of Fox. Each has its own agenda. I found this out during the Democratic primaries bewteen Obama and Hillary Clinton. At least Fox does not pretend anymore. What we see is what we get.

    1. that’s another way of looking at it. sometimes it is better to see the wolf than to be taken by surprise by a wolf in the sheep’s clothing.

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