The drabness that is my room

Manila, for a lower-middle income single earning between 30-45,000 (about 800-1000 USD) a month, is an expensive city to live in. Roughly a fifth of my monthly salary goes to my rent. I am currently renting a 2m by 4m room in a condominium along EDSA. The monthly payment for rent and utilities is taking a great toll on my budget. Despite this, my attempt to make do with whatever available space this shoebox of a room provides is so far doing well.

I would have wanted a bigger space where I can have a place for a comfortable couch, a small TV, and a shelf for my books, but this additional space will mean shedding off another fifth of my income. For a room I only get to see during the night, 20 thousand pesos is too much.

I am not particularly interested in having a livable room. By livable I mean a room complete with all the appliances one finds in ‘nice’ bachelor’s pad. What is important to me is a bed and probably a small cabinet for my clothes, and I’d be as happy as a fool.

I guess, we all need to have that sense of direction, and this begins with having an organized room that, although small, gives you a sense of a home and security.

Books neatly stacked waiting to be read can also add to that sense of order.

A Fortune plant. Just for the sake.

The view outside is depressing in the morning, but admittedly quite stunning in the evening.


4 thoughts on “The drabness that is my room”

  1. qc is just so congested. you can find a nice place in manda. you may spend 5-10k/month. i think it’s a lot cheaper than qc…

  2. hahaha…I work in Eastwood, Libis, which is why I’d like to stay in Q.C. I’m a bit sentimental about Q.C. actually, since I’ve lived here since college (in UP Diliman) and I really don’t want to live in another city if I can help it… 😦

  3. yeah, tell me about it. I am currently stressing out over finding a new apt./condo/house to move in to. Most of the places for rent are barely bigger than a shoebox, with unreasonable rent (plus 4 months advance!!??). Of course that’s probably because I’m lookin in the Cubao/”Downtown” Q.C. area. I’m sure rent would be a lot cheaper in, say, Marikina or…..Bulacan…..*sigh*

    1. i suggest you try looking for a place in mandaluyong area because the city is found in the center of the metro. although the rate is a bit pricey, the convenience will outweigh the cost eventually. marikina is way cheaper. depending on where you work. pampanga will definitely be a lot cheaper, or you may check pangasinan. hehehe.

      good luck. just message me if you need help looking for a clean, well-lighted place in mandaluyong.

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