On being a model

I do not want readers of this blog to think that I was shanghaied into believing that I can be a model because I clearly know that I am not model-material. However, grant me some benefit of the doubt. This story is for real.

I just finished working out and was on my way home. I usually walk from my gym which is located in a condominium several blocks from the place I am staying on Boni. I was crossing the corner of a street when a Lexus SUV pulled over in front of me. The driver, smiling, excused himself and ask if I have tried modeling before and if I have some sort of a portfolio. I was incredulous and did a mental picture of myself that time — I was wearing a pair of diminutive gym shorts, cotton shirt, and was sweating all over. Assured that I did not look like a prostitute, I smiled back at him and said no. He was with a small boy, his son probably. I thought, any man who’s smart enough (save decent) wouldn’t pick up a prostitute with his son in the car at 6 in the evening in one of Mandaluyong’s busiest streets.

He asked if I wanted to model for a big department store. “This man got to be kidding me!” I said to myself. And serious he was. He gave me his business card (ring card, he called it) and got my number. Then I said I had to be going as I still had tons to read for that semiotics presentation I would be delivering in class the following day.

Me modeling? Come on!

Perfidious thoughts. Yuck.

17 thoughts on “On being a model”

  1. oh…I was just thinking, the fact that you posted this on your blog only means that you LOVED the idea and you “unconsciously” want people to assure you that you are indeed a model material. And I won’t satisfy that! hohohoho

    Me and my evil thoughts.

  2. Wow!

    Hello! Grab that opportunity of a lifetime!!!!

    And it’s gonna be fun ! I was once asked to be on the cover of my university’s student handbook….. yep, photoshoots were fun ! < although I didn't get paid, hehehe, just a $10 Starbucks gift card… hahaha.

  3. i think you had the model attitude (or what ever they call it) .. and that’s what the man on the Lexus SUV saw… as what i can see on the picture (if that’s you), you got a nice physique.. why don’t you give it a try… 😀
    the world has a lot in store for all of us, maybe it could be one of your niche… ^_________^

    1. hahaha. i think i’ve already exhausted what can possibly be in store for me, reese. thanks anyway. it takes a little maturity for one to realize that there are identities he can never be.

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