I am not exactly living a life of a loser as few of my previous posts seem to suggest. I do not spend my entire day working myself to death or emaciating myself until I go limp at the gym. Not infrequently do I stop and smell the flowers, or keep still and feel the blowing, cool February breeze as it caresses my droopy eyes that, I admit, badly need rest.

I can still appreciate (yes, I still can!) the goodness in others, the taste of my generously syrup-ed pancakes at breakfast, the scratchy sound of Gavin De Graw songs that emanate from my aging laptop, the taste of freshly served, piping-hot cappuccino, the beautiful view of Mandaluyong from my windows at night, or that person whose voice over the phone is enough to let me forget about the drudgery of daily existence.

I guess all I need is to slow down just a bit and reflect on what this long, unforgiving day truly means.

After all, I am still a lucky guy.


8 thoughts on “Lucky”

  1. John oi, happy b-day 🙂 I wish you feel lucky today too, and have a decent sleep 🙂

    Me, struggling with essays…… I’m applying for a scholarship and the deadline is coming SO near >.<

  2. yes you are!!!
    The luckiest person I’ve ever known..
    Soon is your birthday,maybe I can say ,you don’t have to wish for more ’cause I can see,you have all what you wanted yet I know all the people around you are so proud… But one thing i will wish for a lucky friend is to keep having the things which you have right now…
    Happy birthday in advance Feb…God bless u more and more…. Take care as I told you before..hehehe
    Am always a friend…good day..

    1. miraluz, thanks. hahaha. you’re one of the first persons who greeted me. and one of the people who first reminded me that i am getting old! kidding.

      at my age, it’s difficult to change myself into somebody else. i believe, i only have to contend with who i am and be happy with what i have.

      din ka subong?

  3. do not problem the problem, because the problem will problem you! (one of my lame excuses in life.)hahaha! just live each day as if it is your last.. despite a tiresome day, life is still beautiful..Strive to be Happy!

    (ps. have you seen the movie, “Life is Beautiful” ?? its actually an Italian movie, if you haven’t seen it.. i strongly recommend you watch it.) ^____^

    1. timmy, thanks for that ‘excuse’. hehe. la dolce vita is one of my favorite films that starred the sometimes irritating but often adorable roberto benigni. if only this world were a tank!

    1. thank you, littlemisshomosapien (ang haba ng name mo).

      i must have mis-tagged it. but thanks for leaving a comment. all the best.

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