Last night was unforgettable not because it was Valentine’s but because I had a peaceful sleep, with you beside me. Slowly, there grew in me the knowledge of you, in the knowledge of you, I found the knowledge of myself.

Thank you for the card, for the cheesy movie we both enjoyed, and for the pen. And oh, thank you for that smile you gave me before I left your place this morning. If only every day is the 15th of February. I love you.


John 😉


6 thoughts on “Engraved”

    1. hahaha. i know i am very cheesy these days, regina. i love to indulge in it. more to come.

      it’s been a looooong while since you visited my site. you must be very busy with your career. all the best.

  1. i notice that most of the people today are in good mood..should we change the valentine’s day from feb. 14 to feb. 15? 🙂

    just a suggestion.

    and sir..that’s a nice pen..simple yet chic.

    1. he vic, how’re things in kl? i hope you enjoyed your reunion with your students in hanoi.

      all the best, my friend. you’ll eventually find the right person for you.

      happy valentine’s.

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