Though I had repeatedly heard complaints from you these past days about your hair that ‘badly needs trimming’, I didn’t see it coming when you blurted ‘Babe, you got to cut my hair’.

The idea was ridiculous. And I would not do it. Not until I saw a reflection of myself in the mirror holding a pair of craft scissors, directing each movement of the dull, Chinese-made shearers toward your jet black, perfectly straight hair.

I closed my eyes and did a deep dive, so they say. Somersaulted, in fact.

After almost two months of being together, I am still yet to acquire that resolve to say ‘no’ to your every request and impossible-to-resist goading. I am like a husband to a woman in her first three months of pregnancy, bewitched and under her spell, doing whatever it takes just to provide whatever frivolous request his wife can think of.

And so we were in that funny position for almost an hour–you sitting on my feet, almost motionless, and me cutting your hair with the attention and supposed precision of a watch repairman, taking pictures and videos of your hair at intervals so you would have an idea as to the extent of atrocity I was inflicting on your hair. I, unfortunately, only got one mirror in my room.

I didn’t tell you this before we parted this afternoon, but I love the act of cutting your hair because you were still the whole time, didn’t move your head, so unlike me when I was seven (and occasionally of late) whenever I visited the village barber or have my haircut in the nearby barber shop, my do being nothing but plain hair shave, as you’d sardonically refer to it afterward. I would tilt my head several degrees away or toward the barber to spite him; I would do everything to enrage him so he’d dismiss me asap.

While this afternoon, as you patiently waited for your haircut to be over, I saw a docile, almost child-like, version of you which I have not seen before.

And I guess, this is what I have been looking forward to each day: knowing You, and being caught unprepared and smiling, or chuckling, by the surprises of learning new things about the person I love so much, you.

By the way, you look great in your new do. However, I insist on taking you tomorrow to the salon where I regularly have my haircut.

See you tomorrow, oh…later.

17 thoughts on “Haircut”

  1. Awwww!
    The way you love her is just sooooo beautiful!!!!!
    I wish I could find someone who would love me the same way you do with your beloved…. * swoons *

  2. kilig naman ito… hey john, you never cease to amuse me with your love letters here. napapanaginipan ko pa minsan. hahaha.

    what’s with the name tinkerbelle these days?
    good thing i opted to use my childhood nickname here. if not, i would be your third tinkerbelle fan. haha. and just like tinkerbelle-the-second, your blog starts my day. yehey!

    1. baba,

      hahaha. i think they’re kilig because they’re dead serious in being cheesy. naisip ko lang, i only love once, might as well write about all the outpouring of emotions and let it drown me.

      thanks for dropping by every once in a while.

      tinkerbelle sounds cute.

      i remember calling somebody tinkerbelle, too.

    1. hahaha. i definitely would…

      a lot of things intrigue us these days, but understanding is a matter of knowing.

  3. everytime i read posts like this, i can only say.. awwww!

    i look forward to reading you before i start my day. obviously, i’m a fan.

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