Making the most of now

I’ll try to write in general terms this time, avoiding as much as I can, to sound…concrete.

When we’re a kid, our imagination was wild.

We believed in everything.

We should not stop believing.

Not reign our passion.

That passion and belief are the two things that can get us to where we want to be.

We do not have control of the future, but we have of now.

We might not have tomorrow.

So might as well enjoy the fact that we got the day right.

We need to break out of this mold.

And ask the question why we’re doing this.

Learn how to do that.

And unlearn.

Imagination is everything.

We fall because we are afraid of falling.

We should not be afraid of fear.

We embrace it, instead.


4 thoughts on “Making the most of now”

  1. “We should not be afraid of fear. We embrace it, instead.” – this is easier said than done. i’m still trying.

    john, this post inspires me big time. thanks for writing pieces that i can read again and again. 😉

    1. baba,

      i know it’s easier said than done, but articulating it, baba, is the first step in the long process of actually doing it.

      thanks for always coming back here.


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