The 601st post

Do I get paid for blogging? Not a single cent.

So why do I blog (been doing it for two years and ten months, and counting) then?

1. It’s a faster and a lot easier way to get published. Unlike waiting months to be published in books, newspapers, journals, and other traditional forms of publication, and going through hopelessly circuitous bureaucracy and esteem-crushing peer reviews, blogging is faster, more efficient, and way more accessible.

2. I was able to create a small but knit network of readers and bloggers who may not be as bitter as I am but are very willing to read all my bitterness and misanthropy and berate (or praise) me for these.

3. There’s no way for me to tell if this has worked to my advantage or the opposite, but previous and prospective employers got/will get an idea about the man they consider hiring through his thoughts (or portion of these) laid out in the open.

4. I get to feed my inner monster’s thirst for affirmation of its existence.

5. Since my posts do not serve any practical purpose besides giving other people something to read about the person they’re stalking, through this blog, in a way, I am giving them something to do in their free time or to scratch when the itch to be ‘in-the-know’ strikes.

6. It’s a welcome respite from the unforgiving weekdays (this I know most of us know too well).

7. I’ll have something to chuckle about when I’m too old to still be shocked and awed by the world. Hopefully, that is, if I reach that age.

8. It gives me control (well yeah) of what aspect of myself I want  the world to know and how I want it to see me. (Assuming the author is not dead.)

9. I have the comments to look forward to after each post.

10. I’m a narcissist, and I want to see images of me being reflected in the monitor of my computer.

11. Finally, I blog  because I’ll die (or worse, go crazy) if I stop writing.


6 thoughts on “The 601st post”

  1. i envy people like you who write because its their passion. i hope someday i can relate to no. 11 (again). in the meantime, stalker mo (ay, reader pala) muna ako.

    1. show me your blog! hehehe, so i can also do number 5.

      thanks for always coming back, tinkerbelle.

    1. uhuh. basing it on the posts in your blog, you must be. hehehe. thanks for dropping by.

  2. I like the last one, no. 11. It stands in iconic to the other 10. No. 5 though makes a point. 🙂 The writers thirst keeps on birthing more and more of its babies, I believe. Now that I know you have a blog, I’ll keep on with no. 5. Might as well, dig your thoughts in the most – haunting – of ways. By the way, no. 10, being a narcissist? I think all writers should be narcissistic. Their thoughts, regardless of its source (?), comes to us as a fond revelation of how they regard themselves, how they love themselves. To such a reality, that, in their writing, its more gratifying than a “normal” handjob. 🙂

    1. that’s funny. nothing can be more gratifying than a ‘normal’ handjob’. i’m kidding, of course.

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