Night sky

I waited for this night to come, for me to just be doing nothing, to just listen to the variegated and mysterious humming in my room poorly insulated from the noise of the immortal EDSA below, to enjoy the hushed instrumentals emanating from my aging computer, to look for that singular north star undimmed by the lighted billboards that obstruct my vision of the night sky, and not to be frustrated when I don’t find it.

My 6th grade teacher, I remember, told us to look for that constellation that resembles a dipper (Ursa Minor); the star at its tip is called Polaris. This star according to her points to that fixed north and may function like a compass when one orients himself to it. Tonight I tried hard to locate this north star, but it was as elusive as finding a moment of quiet in this city.

I lingered a bit in front of my windows, imagining how the night sky in my province might look like on a night like tonight. For sure, it’s beautiful, rivaled only by flickering subdued lights of fireflies after a heavy rain.


8 thoughts on “Night sky”

  1. reading this i remembered i don’t have skyscrapers and that made me a little bit happy 🙂

    that brings me a little more closer ot spring 🙂

  2. John oi, you are really coming? Keep me updated, I can ask for leave to join you and your siblings to places in Vietnam…

    I will also go to Siem Reap, Cambodia from April 30 till May 3, already booked flight and hotel!

    Awww, I really want to see you again John!

  3. Somehow this note reminded me of the time I spent in Amphawa in Thailand, a place 60 mins away from the dusty and noisy Bangkok. I was there with a friend, going along the river at night and seeing thousands of fireflies flickering in the bushes and trees…. It was unforgettably beautiful….

    1. le, you’re one of my few friends who thrive in the simplest of settings and who marvels at nature with child-like wonder.

      i miss you so much.

      oh, my siblings and i plan to visit vietnam and cambodia this may. i hope to see you, co doanh, and our other friends then.

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