A small challenge

Anyone who can guess what this picture means will get this as prize.

Oh yeah, I know meanings are never static, but cut me that crap this time. This sketch has a fixed meaning in the mind of the person who drew this. And you need to guess what that was.

Write your answer on the comment box below; include your name and email (the email will not be published, believe me). Good luck!


26 thoughts on “A small challenge”

  1. We already have a WINNER.

    The name of the winner of this small challenge and how he/she will claim the prize will be announced tomorrow.

  2. Hahaha. I’m not willing to go further.

    nasa level na ako ng
    “V****a Worship” kaya tigil na.lol.

    Great day ahead.

    1. hahaha, james, i have not idea about the thoughts running in your mind, but malapit na sana kanina…

    1. hahaha, james. it’s sobrang lapit na. the book is yours if you add a phrase or two…

  3. Haha. Fun! (great way to engage your readers)

    1) A man being ‘blessed’.
    2) A man offering himself to the world.

    (how about asking them for a caption?haha)

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