Night before posting grades

With the grades of my students due tomorrow, I know this night will be spent caressing their papers like an estrus lover, making sure I take into consideration everything they have poured into their works or I’ll miss the all-essential sap that will comprise their grade. I hate the idea of evaluation, of appraisal, of giving equivalents to works whose values will never be accurately and precisely quantified regardless of rubrics that attempt to minimize subjectivity as much as possible. But like everything, unless I am able to come up with something better, I have to make do with what I have at present.

While I am groping my Excel sheet and fingering a small calculator (as I have never fully mastered, and trust, this Excel thing), my laptop plays Eraserheads (how dated) just to remind me how it was being an insecure, acne botched undergraduate student to also give me that sense of empathy and to drizzle myself some form of level-mindedness amid pressure.

I am not a difficult teacher, I think.

I hated giving a 5.0 and do not enjoy keying in an F.


13 thoughts on “Night before posting grades”

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  2. Oh, yeah. My father went there too, elementary, I think, then took some sort of masters degree in Math, I think, but he didn’t continue or finish… he was already married and was too busy taking care of new family to do anything else.

    Right! The nude guy, lol. Mom has a charming story about that…. had an ex who was a member of a fraternity and according to her, the fraternity had a tradition of nude run around the oblation with just a brown paper bag covering their faces, so Mom took a sneak peek and recognized her ex’s, ahahahahahaha ! !

    1. hahahaha!!!!

      you’re mom is one bad lady!

      yeah, there is such thing, but i have not seen one.

  3. You go to the University of the Philippines, right? My parents went there, too. And I got to see the school with my cousins when I was there. I like the statue !

    1. i had my undergrad there but i currently teach at the ateneo de manila university.

      hahaha. it’s the ‘oblation’.

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