Come home soon


Tonight I feel alone more than ever because I have gotten so used to having you around and because you’re far away. Tonight I want nothing but just to be lying next to you: your head on my chest while I am kissing, smelling your hair, listening to your slow breaths.

Come home soon, babe. The city is too gray, too lonely, too alienating without you.

I miss you.


7 thoughts on “Come home soon”

  1. my brother cried like literally for this girl and i don’t know how to comfort him 😦 how do you want to be comforted if it were you? just getting ideas here. hope you don’t mind. he said he couldn’t sleep and it’s knocking my head off because he keeps on saying how much he loves this girl and it can’t be because it shouldn’t be. i’m just so afraid he’d waste school for this girl. he’s really into her. i don’t have the best ideas in the world so i’m just sharing it here. i could really use some suggestions.

  2. treasuring love is what makes it difficult to let go when it’s done. but it couldn’t be helped. it must have been a wiring that connects the heart and the brain-treasured memories.

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